The ScoreVision system enhances athletic and special events and creates new academic and revenue opportunities for your school. There’s never been a better time to upgrade your old scoreboards and athletic facilities while also adding a tool for educational, social, and fundraising benefits.

ScoreVision leverages modern technologies to provide a simple yet sophisticated experience at an affordable price. Our apps are built around iOS technology and our Fan App is available for both iOS and Android users.


Multimedia Board

Our LED displays are completely scalable, so we can build a system for any size school or budget. We use 6mm pixel pitch LED for indoor displays and 10mm pixel pitch displays for outdoor applications, delivering a higher resolution experience for your athletes and fans. Our LEDs are custom made and meet specific quality and technical specifications including UL and FCC compliance.

See firsthand what multimedia board will work best for your school.

Multimedia Board Selector


Our Scorekeeper App provides basic scorekeeper functionality for each of the sport-specific apps we offer. It also incorporates advanced, in-game animations and features unique to the ScoreVision system. The app is used to support games and practices by schools and clubs and is easy enough for a 10-year-old to operate.



Advanced production capabilities are simple with our Producer App. Working alongside the Scorekeeper App, the two apps control the entire game-time experience, and the Producer App serves as the universal remote to the ScoreVision rack and displays. Our apps deliver unlimited flexibility and unmatched simplicity. They replace the old-style, complicated technology others offer.



The ScoreVision Fan App shares game-time and leaderboard information with students and fans when they can’t attend games in person. Special features encourage fan engagement and make school and sponsor content available to viewers, extending the reach and frequency of your digital content.

Download Fan App


ScoreVision Central is an online control center where team administrators can import rosters, games schedules and season information. It also serves as the central repository where data is automatically stored and matched to players and games, so that athletic directors and coaches can export a variety of reports. This feature is essential to ensuring you have everything you need going into, and coming out of, the big game.

It doesn’t end there. ScoreVision Central includes a toolkit that allows you to upload and manage multimedia items that can help deliver that jumbotron-like experience at every game. Included in this kit is a sophisticated Ad Management engine so you can manage sponsor ad sequences.

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