A Jumbotron Experience that Pays for Itself

Published Jul 01, 2016, 07:01 am

Schools and Athletic Departments across the country are constantly dealing with budget cuts while their very existence becomes more expensive—this is where ScoreVision can help! Our software incorporates digital ad sequencing directly into the game-time experience, and this feature unleashes a world of fundraising opportunities for our schools trying to get ahead.

Fundraising is not new to Athletic Directors or schools, but traditional fundraising programs are a lot of work and yield minimal results. For that reason, some schools hire fundraising companies to help supplement or completely take over fundraising programs. This is the case regarding Skutt Catholic High School, who has a long-standing relationship with the Ohio-based fundraising company Side Effects. Side Effects, a ScoreVision Partner, helps schools raise money for athletic programs by selling ad inventory to businesses interested in marketing to the unique demographic being served by schools. This partnership creates a win-win situation for everyone involved.

This past week Side Effects and ScoreVision hosted an Open House at Skutt Catholic High School. Attendees were introduced to the capabilities of the ScoreVision system and learned more about how ScoreVision is enhancing the in-game experience for players and fans alike. The event was well attended and extremely successful. Local business leaders were excited to learn about Skutt’s new system and get involved with supporting the school and advertising on their jumbotron displays.

ScoreVision Admin—our secure, cloud-based control center—offers an online Ad Manager where ad libraries can be built and ads can be sequenced and assigned on a per-game basis. This feature makes it easy for our customers to manage a wide array of advertising sponsors and events.


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