ScoreVision is an Omaha-based technology company that provides schools and sports facilities scalable, affordable jumbotrons that enhance the game-time experience for athletes and fans. The software includes digital ad-sequencing that brings a completely new source of revenue for our customers — the system can pay for itself.

The ScoreVision system is unique in that it’s completely app-driven and incorporates advanced production features like the pros use. In addition, its simplicity provides an opportunity for students to operate and create content to be shown on our displays. The system can benefit a wide variety of curriculums, bridging the gap between the gymnasium or stadium and classroom.

The Fan App allows parents and fans to follow their players and teams when they can’t attend in person. Ads and other digital content are also shared with the ScoreVision Fan App, increasing your ability to communicate internal announcements and sponsor messaging.

The system supports a wide variety of alternative uses, increasing the return on a traditional, scoreboard investment, and it quickly converts your gym or stadium into a multimedia presentation area that can support everyone at your school.


We strive to be the world leader in interactive multimedia experiences that elevate game-time impact, educate and inspire students, and engage fans and community.

The 3 Es

Product development is guided by three core principles, a little something we call The 3 Es:

Inspire teams, ignite the crowd, and foster fan loyalty with advanced, in-game production capabilities our software offers. Elevate every event your school supports with high-resolution LED displays that seamlessly supports multimedia presentations.

Excite fans and spectators with brilliant LED displays and dynamic, digital content that fuel engagement. Use hype and promotional videos created by students and sponsors to keep fans engaged. Our Fan App connects parents and fans to game information and promotional content when they can’t attend games in person.

Bridge the gap between classrooms and athletic facilities by building curriculums for those interested in Marketing, Design, Broadcasting, Computer Science and Business. Students can create content to be showcased on the ScoreVision system during games or other events at the school, and the system is easy enough for them to operate.


ScoreVision started with a simple concept: to improve the game-time experience for players, coaches and fans.

A young company with a long history: ScoreVision was founded by a team of tech-minded entrepreneurs that have been building technology companies together for over a decade. Gordon Whitten, Chad Bokowski, David Sutter, and Corey Spitzer's extensive experience and passion is rooted in developing software products that solve real-life problems.

As sports enthusiasts, we noticed a need for improved scoreboard technology and knew there was an opportunity to better connect parents with game-time information when they couldn’t attend games in person. ScoreVision was founded in 2015 and has been redefining the scoreboard industry since.

Recent Installs

We continue to grow our customer relationships across the country - from small town high schools to large metro area colleges. Here’s a few of our most recent installations.


Our Team is passionate about technology, sports, and bridging the gap between athletics and academics. We develop technologies that are built with the student in mind. While our system is easy enough for students to operate, the platform gives students a valuable resource they can leverage in many areas of study.

Our Team works from ScoreVision HQ located in Omaha, Nebraska.

Meet Our Team

Press Contact

Are you a journalist or blogger? Have questions about ScoreVision or have interview requests? We’re here to help! Contact us at media@scorevision.com for more information.

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